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Pollack Fashion Outerwear carries a full collection of mink, sheared mink, rabbit, rex rabbit, beaver, sheared beaver, muskrat, fox, and faux fur in a variety of colors, designs, and price ranges.
1. Petities Sizes
2. Plus sizes up to 8x


Pollack Fashion Outerwear carries a large collection of lambskin leather jackets and coats in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles; we also carry a diverse selection of fur trimmed leathers and garments with detachable fur collars and linings.


Pollack Fashion Outerwear carries the wool designs of Canadian Designer Dominic Bellissimo.

Why our Dominic Bellissimo wool coats are the best?

1) made in CANADA at the LORO PIANA mill (Italian milled) in Toronto
2) Dominic Bellissimo has been designing wool coats for 30 years
3) wool options are cashmere, superfine, and angora
4) each coat can be “made to measure” exactly to your liking


Pollacks offers a complete line of mens leathers from sizes 36 to 8x and a full selection for men in a variety of fur options.


Complete your wardrobe for any season with a fur-tastic accessory. We have accessories for all budgets, in all colors, in many styles! Look fabulous for any occasion in a fur accented accessory. Did you know that the hottest accessory in the world right now is a fur handbag?


If you are looking to give a special gift that will be cherished forever, look no farther- Pollack Fashion Outerwear can take any special garment and make it into a collectible item. Remodel something old to keep it in the family- “what’s old is new”- fur teddy bears, rabbits, pillows, etc..

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